Hello and Welcome to my new site!

I always wanted my to have my own Department Store, an Emporium if you like. With lifts running between floors and everything you want laid out in them.

When I was a boy in the pre-shopping mall era of the 1960s they were the place to shop. We'd dress up to go there.

A big one in Adelaide was John Martin's, which I believed belonged to my family, having the same surname as ours and my Dad's middle name, John. And, of course, Father Christmas stayed there while he was in town in the "Magic Cave".

Put up in November, 2015, the site is a platform for both creative and commercial endeavour, mostly showcasing my photography and websites.

I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photomedia Major) from Sydney University's Sydney College of the Arts. My focus there was mostly on traditional photography, in particular Fine Art Photographic printing, however, I developed an interest in Digital Media.

I learnt a lot on my own and consolidated the skills doing a course in Web Design at Enmore Design Centre.

I love making prints and will soon have store facilities where you can select images to be made into Fine Art prints and cards.

I come from a long line of Artisans and craftspeople. In Martin & Son, I'm the Son. The site is dedicated to my Dad.

Please send me an email if there's anything you'd like to ask.

Thanks, Rick Martin


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  • Fine Art Photography
"The Collector, Shells"
The first Emporium exhibition is seven of a series of Fine Art photographs of Dad's shell collection.
Scroll sideways to see all seven. Click on an image to see a larger image.
  • Shell OneOne
  • Shell TwoTwo
  • Shell ThreeThree
  • Shell FourFour
  • Shell FiveFive
  • Shell SixSix
  • Shell SevenSeven
The same creative effort and aesthetic value that goes into any creative endeavour goes in to building beautiful, bespoke websites.